Meet Woof Wear's Naughty Norman: He's Organic

Woof Wear Organics® is a new division of Sherpa Pet Group, and it's all about making natural toys for your dog. No buttons, or bells... no rubber... nothing that you dog could swallow and, as the company puts it, recycle on his own. All natural and all organic fibers with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties go into making these sweet sweet toys for your precious pooch.

And sweet and gentle your dog should be to nuzzle with the Woof Wear characters. The toys come in large and small sizes, but destructive chewers need to look to other products for their play times.

The personalities of these toys are priceles, and you may want to buy them for your infants and toddlers, as well... but I know how dogs are with infant toys!


Organic Winking Wanda



Organic Marilyn



Organic Precious Pat



Organic Naughty Norman




Organic Sleeping Baby Bear Cubs



Each of the Wolf Wear Organic dog toys is stuff with natural cotton fiber covered with natural bamboo terry. Exclusive of noise-makers and trim, the toys are entirely organic.

Wolf Wear Organics doesn't sell directly to retail customers, but if you visit its website, you can find many stores nationally and internationally that sell the dog toys.


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