Meet Your New Home Medical Laboratory: Scanadu


Scanadu Scout tracks your vitals: image via scanadu.comScanadu Scout tracks your vitals: image via scanadu.comThe ease of access to medical information has increased our health IQs greatly from pre-Internet days. But if doctors aren't exasperated with their know-it-all patients just yet, a Silicon Valley startup called Scanadu is about to change the practice of medicine altogether with smart gadgets that give you the tools to test and analyze your own vitals and body fluids.  And you don't need a prescription, or a fortune, to buy them! 

The smart devices on Scanadu's drawing boards can perform sophisticated tests, diagnose, provide treatment suggestions and direct us to the nearest urgent care center or emergency room. 

This short video gives you a general introduction to Scanadu's plans....



The first Scanadu product, the Scanadu Scout is on its way to 10,000 crowd-sourcers right now....

Scanadu Scout monitor: image via scanadu.comScanadu Scout monitor: image via


The Scanadu Scout, which made its formal debut at the 2014 Computer Electronics Show (CES), is a palm sized gadget that you hold up to your forehead and it instantaneously takes and delivers more health readings than you get at your regular physical exams!  Not just body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate.... no, you also get your blood oxygen level and, get this, your electrical heart activity (ECG) read.  An ECG is normally an expensive test that must be specially ordered by your physician and approved by your medical plan!


Scanadu Scout display: image via kurzwellai.netScanadu Scout display: image via


Of course, all this information is retrievable, trackable, and sharable via a smart phone app, which can provide analysis, or possible diagnoses, as well as information regarding the urgency of seeing a doctor, and a vast amount of self-help guides to fitness and proper diet.

Scanaflo smart urine test (prototype): image via mnn.comScanaflo smart urine test (prototype): image via mnn.comBut the next product in Scanadu's lineup is even more impressive and that's the Scanaflo, a home urine test that measures glucose levels, protein, leukocytes, nitrates, blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, specific gravity, and the pH value of your urine.  And, just for good measure, it tests for pregnancy. 

The best part of the Scanaflo is that the test can be analyzed at home by you at a tiny fraction of the cost of all the lab tests you would have to submit to.your insurance company for approval to even get taken by a standard medical lab. This simple urine test can indicate early warning signs of potentially serious health issues. 

After the Scanaflo, comes the Scanaflu, so you know this company is for real. You can donate your spit for the testing of the Scanaflu here!


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