Melange Palettes Allow You To Create And Re-Invent Your Signature Scent


There are a lot of women who enjoy wearing fragrance.  Some love to experiment with scents and have a range of perfumes to suit their changing moods.  Others are unwaveringly loyal to a signature fragrance.  I don’t really fit into either category.  I love the idea of having one or two scents that I absolutely adore and that would kind of reflect my personality and make me feel good.  Unfortunately, I am very picky about what I like as far as fragrance goes.  I have a few perfumes that I generally like and wear on occasion, but I have nothing that really feels like me. 

I’m sure I am not the only super fussy fragrance wearer out there.  I am thinking that finicky fragrance enthusiasts such as myself might have a chance at finding their scent range in Melange Solid Perfume Palettes.  These solid perfume collections come in sets of four fragrances, each centered around one of five specific notes.  You can choose from citrus, green, amber, floral and fruit palettes. 

Each solid can be worn on its own or blended with any other in the same collection.  Wearers don’t have to worry about blending two horribly clashing fragrances, as each solid has been set up to work with the others in its collection.  These palettes sound like a lot of fun and as long as you can find a note that you like it would give you several different fragrance options in one small, un-spillable, unbreakable compact.  I may have to give the fruit or citrus palette a try.