Melanie Bilenker Hair Jewelry: Artistic Accessories Made from Human Hair

We've seen jewelry made of human hair in the past; it's been woven, beaded, braided and been used as the main medium for many chic creations. But there's a new kind of hair jewelry out there that's far more refined, detailed and artistic than anything we've seen before.

Tea Hair BroochTea Hair Brooch

Melanie Bilenker uses strands of her own hair to create miniature portraits, encased in glass, that capture ordinary domestic moments in the picture of beauty. The majority of the designs are presented as brooches, and all contain high-quality materials that are classic, and fitting to the form of art using hair strands inspired by the Victorians. Many of Melanie Bilenker's designs use additional materials like gold, ebony and resin.

Brushing Teeth Hair BroochBrushing Teeth Hair Brooch

Solitaire Hair BroochSolitaire Hair Brooch

Many of the unique jewelry designs included in this article are from Melanie Bilenker's 2009 line, however, she has had many other beautiful accessory creations which she's crafted over the years that you shouldn't miss checking out!