Melissa And Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart Attracts Kids' Interest

Getting kids to do their chores, brush their teeth and even be nice to one another can be a challenge, but with the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart, good behaviour might just stick.

The folks over at Melissa and Doug have a reputation for making high-quality children's items, from princess castles to art sets to general learn-as-you-play type materials, and the Magnetic Responsibility Chart is no exception.

Built to hang on the wall, the calendar comes as a fold-out, with the top half showing the days of the week and with spaces for both long rectangular magnets that describe responsibilities and small circular ones with smiley faces that show an activity has been completed each day of the week. The bottom half of the chart can be used as a dry erase whiteboard and also to hold all of the magnets that are not currently in use.

Magents: fun and responsible.Magents: fun and responsible. 

Parents and kids can pick from among a variety of tasks - including "get ready for bed", "set table", "no teasing" - and the board also comes with 2 blank magnets for families to write their own responsibilities on. Each day that a responsibility is completed earns the child a smiley face that goes up next to that particular chore and from the comments about the product on Amazon, many parents chose to reward good behavior with a treat at the end of the week or by assigning the magnets a small monetary value.

The Magnetic Responsibility Chart is only made for one child; there aren't spaces on it for more than one set of activities per week, but for under $15 many families are choosing to buy one for each child in the house.

Reviews say the product meets the same high standard of all Melissa and Doug offerings and that the chart has been well received by kids, many of who are dedicated to earning as many magnet credits per week as they can.

High quality materials and a great concept - it's easy to see why this pulls in parents and children alike.

Source: Melissa and Doug

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