Melon Cream Soda Sandwich Drives Kids to Drink

Summer sandwiches don't get much cooler than the Melon Cream Soda Sandwich, one of 4 limited edition 'lunch pack' sandwiches seemingly designed by pre-teen chefs.

Since when did the simple act of making a sandwich turn become so unfashionable? Japanese food conglomerate Yamazaki Baking seems to think Japan's stressed out citizens deserve a break from the arduous art of sandwich design, and to that end they've come up with pre-made sandwiches in a bag.

They're neat, discrete and complete: no messy slices or globs of mayo hanging off to the side since you can't even SEE the innards until you bite into this ravioli-shaped Sandwich Of Tomorrow.

Yamazaki's Lunch Pack series encompasses no less than 57 varieties (just like Heinz!) so you know that they've more than scraped the bottom of the barrel looking for new taste sensations – they've busted right through it.

Among the 57 choices you'll find old standbys like Peanut Butter rubbing shoulders with true oddball selections like the Coffee Jelly & Whipped Cream sandwich (left)... which I actually wouldn't mind trying. Try buying THAT at Starbucks. As for the Melon Cream Soda Sandwich, I think I'll pass. How old are Yamazaki's marketing wizards anyway? This thing sounds like it was dreamed up by Willy Wonka Jr. on an insulin bender.

As for those spoil-sports concerned for the welfare of our children, let's look at the Melon Cream Soda Sandwich's nutritional info: 173 calories, 3.2 grams of protein, 8.1 grams of fat, 21.9 grams of carbohydrates, and 150 mg of sodium.

Not exactly KFC Double-Down territory but you're still not winning a Parent of the Year award if you serve these to your kids for lunch... unless, of course, the kids are doing the voting. (via Gigazine)