Melty Chocolate USB Lamp Pours Out Calorie-free Illumination

Hot Chocolate just got hotter... and lighter, too! The Melty Chocolate USB Sweets Light from JTT Online Shop pours out warm, comforting, calorie-free light while avoiding what would appear to be a sticky mess in the making.

Remember those icky Liquid Lamps from a few years back, the ones that looked like an overturned bucket of blood? They made a splash (sorry) with vampire-loving gothic types who went on to bigger and gorier things once Twilight bit deeply into pop culture. Call it humor in a jugular vein. Shocking yes, cute... not so much.

Now JTT Online Shop has come along to sweeten up Caina's bloody concept while retaining its somewhat surreal, faux frozen waterfall of viscous liquid look. The Melty Chocolate USB Sweets Light tweaks the tint from blood red to chocolate brown, helping to lighten the mood (and one's room) considerably.

The lamp is powered by your laptop or desktop computer's USB port via an included connecting cable. It also can run off a convenient wall outlet though you'll have to purchase an accessory AC adapter – JTT stocks several types and colors at the lamp's product page. There's even a third option: the lamp's base can hold three AAA size batteries.

The item includes three different cup shades: one plain and two patterned. Since the 8 LEDs that provide the illumination are housed in the lamp's head, replacing the shade is a cinch. You can even use a 7oz paper coffee or drinks cup of your own – there's no heat or fire issues since LEDs don't put out any heat.   

The Melty Chocolate USB Sweets Light sells for 1,280 yen (about $15.60) or 1,780 yen ($21.70) if you include an AC adapter. Get all the sweet details at the JTT Online Shop website.

Apr 9, 2012
by Anonymous

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