Membo Helps You Keep Tabs On The Basics


I used to be known for having a great memory, and for some things I guess I still do, but for the day to day tasks I am completely forgetful.  Ever since I became a mom of two my mind has been shot!  I am just so tired and busy that the basics often slip my mind.  The poor plants go un-watered, the laundry piles up and I am constantly running to the grocery store for one more thing that I have missed on my last trip.

While it wouldn’t help in every situation, the Membo by Dreamfarm is a fairly simple concept that could really help with remembering some of the everyday routine stuff that tends to slip your mind when you’re busy.  These little stick-on strips have one flip-able piece for each day of the week.  Each Membo can be hung in a visible spot, near the place where the task normally takes place.  Once the task is completed for the day, the corresponding piece is turned over to remind you and other members of the household that it has been done.



The Membo comes with changeable icons (dog, cat, fish and tick mark) so that you can customize it to suit your different household duties.  They also come in a variety of colors to match different décor and have magnets and adhesive backings to stick on different surfaces.

Now the kids can't claim that they thought someone else walked the dog!

Source: Dreamfarm