Memorialize The Banana With The DIY Chiquita Chandelier!

There's been a world-wide banana shortage since early 2008, and some have even predicted that the banana, as we know it, may become extinct. While you still can, you may want to create a memorial to the tasty, nutrient-rich banana, with this DIY project from Dutch designer Anneke Jakobs - The Chiquita Chandelier!

Ms.Jakobs, made design news when she created the Chiquita Chandelier out of recycled Chiquita cardboard shipping boxes in 2003, but she has just released instructions for creating the Chiquita Chandelier yourself... if you can.

This is the completed chandelier....



And a close-up of the chandelier... The colors are brilliant!



You may want to start asking your local grocery stores to save Chiquita banana boxes for you if you want to try this yourselves! For more information, see the TrendsNow article.


via TrendsNow, AnnekeJakobs