Memorializing Your Legacy With Quirky Caskets and Urns From Eternal Image

Once you die people honor your memory, and they grieve the loss. But who says once you die you have to give up the things that you believed in during your life - like your favorite sports teams, organizations, TV shows, or other cult phenomena? Well, until recently, traditional caskets and urns did by offering designs that don't allow the deceased to show off their personalities, even after death, to those that will forever carry the memory.

Star Trek EarnStar Trek Earn

Eternal Image ensures that no matter what happens, your memory is exactly what you want it to be, even after you have been placed in the grave. Their variety of unique caskets and urrns include themes like the Vatican Library, Major League Baseball, Precious Moments, Star Trek, and Cat Fanciers which honor your favorite deceased feline and American Kennel Club to remember your beloved canine.

Major League Baseball EarnMajor League Baseball Earn

An added bonus when buying unique caskets and earns from Eternal Image, is that a portion of the purchase goes to a related charity or cause to help endorse the Vatican Library or the American Kennel Club. So, not only can you ensure that your legacy lives on after your death, you can support a worthy cause!

May 26, 2009
by Anonymous


URN not earn. Earn is the spelling when you are talking about earning something.