Memrise CatAcademy App Teaches Spanish You Won't Forget


"Quiero vomitar" CatAcademy Spanish learning screen: partial image via"Quiero vomitar" CatAcademy Spanish learning screen: partial image via memrise.comWould you remember the phrase "Quiero vomitar" if a cute cat said it?  After seeing this image, how could you forget it?

That's what the folks at Memrise are counting on - that you'll remember Spanish words and phrases when they are spoken by a cute cat.  And, they're thinking that if you've been putting off learning a language forever (I sure have!), why not pick up an iPhone app that makes learning fun, funny, and memorable.

Well, first I had to pick up an iPhone, as I was debating which new smart phone model I wanted, but the CatAcademy app sealed it for me, as the app is only available on the iOS operating system, so far.  

The CatAcademy - Learn languages. From cats. - aims its adorable cats at those of us who waste our time playing games on our smart phones while waiting for a bus or standing on a supermarket line.  Its developers, with educational backgrounds in memory, forgetfulness, and other subjects relevant to the psychology and neuroscience of learning, stand by previous academic findings that cuteness, humor, short structured lessons, and game-like tests actually enhance learning.

Thus, we are led to learn a variety of phrases we expect we will never use, but we learn them anyway, because we remember the darn cute cat who sat up begging for the hamburger, saying "Quiero comer una hamburguesa." Or what about the grouchy cat who 'doesn't like it?'


"No me gusto" from the CatAcademy Spanish App: image via"No me gusto" from the CatAcademy Spanish App: image via


Just ask this 'Hogwarts cat' why it's so necessary to get a hold of the CatAcademy app.  And she'll tell you it's because it's the only way us dumb humans can learn....




I'm only a bit smarter now that I've learned what are all not useless Spanish phrases, but I'm ready for another CatAcademy app, maybe next time in Japanese, please?

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