Men's Peeler Ensures Your Veggies Are Skin & Hair Free

The Men's Peeler from Japan's Evolete is a kitchen veggie scraper that shaves the skin off your carrots in much the same manner as your fancy five-bladed razor leaves your cheeks as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Measuring 130mm (just over 5 inches) long with a 60mm (2.4 inch) wide head, the Men's Peeler adds a note of whimsy to any modern kitchen – it's the perfect complement to the amazing Toothbrush Dish Brush.

What's more, at just 15 grams (about half an ounce) the Men's Peeler won't cause undue wrist strain should one have a particularly large number of carrots to peel... shaving the next morning is not advised in such situations however.

But we digress. Evolete has just released the Men's Peeler in three fascinating colors: light blue, light green, and yellow. Each one is fitted with a razor-sharp (naturally) blade made of non-rusting stainless steel. It'll still be sharp as a whippet long after you've gone through countless pricey five-bladed shaving cartridges and y'know what? Your carrots will look better than YOU do. Sorry pal, the truth hurts.

Anyway, Evolete's suggested retail price for the Men's Peeler is 980 yen or around $9.10 excluding tax. Looking for a gift that reminds your significant other that spending some quality time in the kitchen doesn't have to impugn his macho mystique? Look no further than the Men's Peeler.
Based near Tokyo with an office in Osaka,Evolete thrives to make the world a little bit smaller by making sure the item you fell in love with from the other side of the world can be held in your hands.” In the case of the Men's Peeler, just be sure you hold it by the handle.