Men's Sheer Bra T-shirt Brings Lingerie Out Of The Shadows

The Men's Sheer Bra T-shirt emblazons the shadowy image of a black bra across the back. Sold online by Japan's Village Vanguard, the subversive shirt sold out almost immediately after being listed due to unexpected demand. Not to worry, the barely-there bro bra will be back in stock by August 22nd.

How many times have you approached someone you thought was a male friend from behind, only to realize at last that he was a she... after noticing their dark-colored bra straps faintly showing through the back of their sheer shirt?

OK, zero times (for most of us) but it COULD happen, and now thanks to Village Vanguard it'll be happening more often with an odd twist: that “bra-wearing” person might just be your male friend!

One might imagine the idea for the Men's Sheer Bra T-shirt was inspired by exactly this type of situation because, well, it's the only reasonable explanation we can come up with. Of course, someone who delights in messing with the minds of society at large would likely snap this shirt up like it was going out of style.

If Village Vanguard's claims about the shirt selling out “in the first minute” can be believed, then Japanese society would seem to be even more dysfunctional than previously thought.    

In any case, the Men's Sheer Bra T-shirt is a one-size-fits-all design that's 68cm long and 49cm wide, with a 42cm shoulder width and a 20cm sleeve length.

The shirt is a natural, untinted white except for a small black embroidered bra icon over the left breast (we use the term loosely) on the front and the dark inkjet-printed bra strap shadow on the back.

You can order the Men's Sheer Bra T-shirt online from the Village Vanguard product page priced at 2,808 yen (just under $30) each.

You don't even have to be a guy (not that there's anything wrong with that); braless gals can wear them and blow everyone's mind! As for Village Vanguard, we're expecting them to list Visible Panty Line Men's Pants anytime now. (via Gigazine)