Smile! But Only If You're A Man: Introducing White Now Men Toothpaste

White Now MenWhite Now MenWhat's cuter than a man with a great smile? I'd say puppies, but since that's not what this article is about, the answer is nothing! And since nothing is cuter than a man with a great smile, I give you White Now Men, a new toothpaste just for men. Smile away, but only if you're a man.

The concept seems a bit ridiculous at first glance. Unilever launched White Now Men toothpaste for men who struggle with yellowing teeth. Stained teeth result from chewing tobacco, smoking, and drinking coffee and wine. According to Unilever, men consume more of these than women, meaning men end up with yellower teeth. Unilever also found that women find men with white teeth more attractive than those with yellow teeth. I could have saved Unilever a lot of research money and told them this fact before they wasted their time. Women also like men with Ryan Gosling-like abs. Can White Now Men do that?Brushing Manly Teeth with White Now MenBrushing Manly Teeth with White Now Men

I have no doubt this toothpaste works. White Now Men uses innovative Blue Light technology and blue or green pigments to whiten teeth immediately. What I can't figure out is why this is just marketed to men. I must have missed the press release when dental health decided to be gender specific. After a second glance, this idea still seems ridiculous. I chuckle when I see it. Unilever created White Now in 2008 and marketed it to families and then changed it up, marketing it to young women. Now it is specifically for men. What's changed with the actual toothpaste? Not much, except that ladies shouldn't use it. Sorry women, I guess you're stuck with regular old whitening toothpaste. For the men out there, go ahead and smile. There's a new manly toothpaste out there for you. Smile because White Now Men has your back.

You can purchase White Now, but White Now Men hasn't hit the global market yet. 

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