Is Your Wallet A Pain In The Butt? Try The Rogue Wallet Instead

The truth is that a man's wallet is often a pain in the butt. In fact, mens' wallets cause so much back pain that they must remove them when they sit down, or the back pain becomes chronic.

The Rogue Wallet prevents that pain in the butt, because it's not meant to go back there. One could say that the Rogue Wallet actually prevents back pain, as for millions of men, sitting on their wallets is just the beginning of years of back pain, made worse by compensating for the original pain.

The Rogue Wallet slides into a side pocket of your pants as it's perfectly designed to do, without bulging or sticking out of the pocket. It's so slim, it can even slink into a pair of tight jeans!





Michale Lyons created the Rogue Wallet after Lyons' chiropractor told him that his back problems were a result of sitting on his fat wallet. The Rogue Wallet is compact, but it still has plenty of room for all the cards and cash a man normally carries in his back-pocket wallet. Another advantage of the Rogue Wallet is that it deters pickpockets!



Available from Amazon, the black leather Rogue Wallet makes a super gift for sweetheart, Dad, or Grandpa. Note that standard shipping can take up to two weeks to arrive at its destination.


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Dec 9, 2008
by Anonymous

big wallet causes back pain

I wish my wallet was big enough to give me back pain.
Gavin Wright