Menswear News: Be a Marvel Superhero or at Least Dress Like One

In addition to allowing you to dress like a modern day comic superhero, this limited edition of Marvel Menswear fosters the myth of the character with a design and style that plays on the personality of the icon, particularly secret identities. This is done by featuring such cool designs as a reversible shirt, hidden pockets and a lining comprised entirely of comic book emblems and images. Created by the Five Four Club, a subscription menswear service, whose brand's focus is contemporary fashion blended with iconic entertainment, the company offers members clothing deliveries each month based on a personalized "style profile."


Marvel Menswear- T-Shirt: Source:Design-TaxiMarvel Menswear- T-Shirt: Source:Design-Taxi


The Five Four Club and Marvel Comics

The Five Four Club is for men who want to look good but lack either the time or inclination to shop for themselves. On April 1st the Five Four Club in conjunction wth Marvel Comics launched a popup exhibition in New York City showcasing this new superhero-inspired collection. In the words of Andres Izquieta, co-founder and CEO of Five Four: "Our designers really dug through the Marvel archives to find new ways to recreate the heritage and evolution behind the brand and its Super Heroes. We're so excited for the opportunity to work with Marvel; the collection features some of our best designs to date."

The Marvel Menswear Collection

This new collection features outerwear, dress shirts, graphic tees and accesories that are simultaneously classic, chic and fun for lovers of comic book heroes and their colorful exploits. All of the garments will be available exclusively to club members. From a fashion perspective, the casual clothes are actually rather low key and normal looking, but special  accents, such as Avenger logo buttons, redeem their otherwise mundane qualities. It is no accident that the models used do seem to vaguely resemble Thor and Captain America.


Marvel Menswear Selections: Source: PSFKMarvel Menswear Selections: Source: PSFK


The future of Marvel Menswear

Fashion is a fickle lady and fads do fade into the sunset unless they are somehow reinvented to accommodate the whims of a demanding and dynamic public. Niche collections such as this one always have their secret appeal but only time will tell.

In the meantime, don't go trying to avenge the evils of the world all by yourself. It's simply too big a job. Be inspired, as the  thought that you can have the power exponentially relegates some to you, with or without these magical clothes.

Closing thoughts on superheroes:

I'm not saying I'm Batman. I'm just saying that no one has even seen me and Batman in a room together at the same time! ~

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