Mercedes-Benz Branded Money Counter & Fraud Detector Shamelessly Detects Fraud

You know the Germans always make good stuff but prominently embossed Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star logos aside, they did NOT make the “Puxin A9 Benz-style Money Counter & Fraud Detector”. One wonders if it can detect its own blatant fraudulence.

Ironic or not, the Puxin A9 Benz-style money counter & fraud detector (model number JBY-D-A9) appears to perform its primary functions with alacrity.

According to Car News China, the device employs nine separate rotors that enable it to process 900 bills per minute while weeding out any counterfeit bills it comes across. 

A swiveling LED display adjusts within a 270-degree range for optimum viewing. The machine weighs 6.5 kg (about 14.5 pounds), runs off 220-volt current and features an embossed image of the Zenvo ST-1 supercar on its side because why not?

Zenvo Automotive is a Denmark-based supercar manufacturer with little or no connection to Mercedes-Benz... much like the Puxin A9 Benz-style money counter & fraud detector itself. (via World Car Fans,, and WEBps)