Mercedes-Benz SuperBowl Ad Inspires Tsū Tortoises & Hares

Aesop’s classic fable of the tortoise and the hare not only gets a modern-spin in its lead-up to Super Bowl XLXIX, it has also inspired users on a young upstart social network to examine who they most identify with.

With six major automakers scheduled for million-dollar TV commercials for this year’s big game, Mercedes-Benz led the pack by fully revealing a minute-long commercial for the game.

The spot begins as you would expect, with a forest full of animals congregating to watch the boastful hare try to intimidate the tortoise.

And then similar to the original tale, the hare’s overconfidence and hubris becomes his downfall, when he takes time out for a poker game — only to allow the tortoise an opportunity to sneak into a Mercedes factory, hijack a silver GT S model and win the race.

So Tsu me!

The new social network Tsu (pronounced ‘Sue’) emerged into our zeitgeist four short months ago. Established on a new monetization plan that includes an engaging MLM scheme and an opportunity for all users to earn royalties from their content, it’s attracted over 2.6 million users to date. The key motivational factor is based on the premise that the greater the quality of one’s content, the higher the traffic -- subsequently, the more one gets paid.

On January 24, 2014, a survey was conducted with Tsu users who identified with the Tortoise-Hare parable and were inspired by Mercedes-Benz's fresh new take. As expected, the results were mixed as Tsu thought-leaders including Jon Dunn, Henry Forshaw, @Alice'sin Wonderland and Jill Kramer weighed in.

Two camps emerged

What surfaced from this survey was that with different variables, there could be several different outcomes as to how this story could play out. In real life, it appears that it comes down to what perspective you bring to the game -- and how users actually approach engagement on Tsu.


For instance, HARES could be winners as well. Early adopters like @Kevinhinkle have already made it to the $100 finish line a couple of times -- having earned over $500 to date (note: users can only withdraw royalites from their bank accounts after they've reached a $100 dollar threshold).  These were folks who were smart enough to sign up at the very beginning allowing them to have attracted hundreds of Family Tree members, which based on Tsu's MLM scheme are now contributing handsomely to their coffers today. This camp, disenchanted with Facebook and some of the other networks -- have chosen to go ALL IN. They'll verbally critique the limitations of what went before, more in favor as to how beneficially different this platform is from the others. They are THE EVANGELISTS.


Then, there's the TORTOISES ~ who like myself ~ might have come somewhat later and approached the network from a slightly different perspective. Agreeing that the financial rewards are a nice value-add, a benny, a perk ~ tortoises don't necessarily get up every morning with that sole goal in mind. They feel the network is a great opportunity to lay down some quality content that followers and friends will actually take the time to read. In turn, they believe their engagement compliments the work they've done on other social networks, as they test the boundaries of this new platform. They are THE COLLABORATORS.

The Tsu Results

It was concluded within this sampling, that indeed there are no clear winners. That instead of a race — many of Tsu’s very active players gain the most out of their interactions by working as a TEAM. On Tsu, it’s not who’s garnering the most revenue, but it’s more about whose content is resonating - who’s adding insights - and prompting more and more engagement. Those are the winners on Tsu - and this humorous animated video curates those results and shows how teamwork wins out in the end.

So, while Mercedes-Benz might be picking a clear winner at the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015 - for #TeamTortoise and #TeamHare on Tsu, it’s more about collaborative leadership than competition that wins the day. And for Tsu users, their Tsuperbowl is not a one-time annual event, it’s continuous-play where anyone can join at time and take their shot at running the ball and scoring  -- as many touchdowns  -- as often as they like!