Mercedes-Benz Designs New In Car Entertainment System

It seems like more and more auto makers are starting to include complex entertainment systems in their new vehicles and they just keep getting more complicated. Mercedes Benz is hoping to put a halt to the confusion with their new system called myCOMMAND.

As with most other vehicle infotainment systems, internet access and navigation are right at your fingertips. The real difference is that the system does not rely on hard drives or CD/DVD players. Everything you need is downloaded straight to the system at speeds of up to 3MB.

Some of the features of the myCOMMAND system include the ability to set favorites in the internet browser for quick access and setting your own quick launch buttons. You can also use Google Maps to see weather for the surrounding areas and finding the cheapest fuel for a few miles in any direction. Ticket purchases and reservations can also be completed all while sitting in the driver's seat.

Currently, Mercedes has said that system is purely a concept and the technology is still a few years away, but it does show what future systems could look like.