Mercury: New Concept For Line Skating

Mercury Skate ConceptMercury Skate Concept

Line skating is fun and a great way to stay active and in shape. However, like a lot of exercises, the impact from line skating places stress on the joints, particularly the ankles and knees. That's why Pouyan Mokhtarani designed the Mercury, a concept for line skating that could reduce that joint stress.

The Mercury concept employs airbags in the boot of the skate and a damper that provides the air for the airbags. These airbags fix the foot in the boot and absorb impact. This skate would also utilize an anti-shock system, with the blade attached to two joints that would have compact springs. Again, this would work to absorb impact. 

Mercury SkateMercury Skate

Imagine hitting a stick or a stone with a fixed blade. There would be no give. With the Mercury, the blade and entire skate gives a little so that impact from bumps or just regular riding isn't so stressful. This system would also reduce the amount of fatigue experienced by skaters. 

Like I said this design is in its conceptual stages. However, it could be a beneficial product for skaters, and it just plain looks cool. 

Source: Pouyan Mokhtarani