Mermaid Leggings: There's Something Fishy Going On Here

It used to be that fishnet stockings were the ultimate thing for long, sexy looking legs. We have finally moved on -- just a little bit. We've left the net behind and become the fish. With these skinny mermaid leggings your gams will take on all of the allure of the mythical maidens and the depths of the sea itself.

 Mermaid Leggings by SolilorMermaid Leggings by Solilor

The beautiful sea blue leggings are great for a night on the town or that special Halloween costume. Wear them with your favorite halter or crop top, or with that seashell bra you weren't sure would ever go with anything. 

Mermaid Leggings by SolilorMermaid Leggings by Solilor

The leggings only come in one size described as "free size." From customer comments it sounds like this is really a fairly petite sized item. While this may be a problem for tall ladies, it will keep rounder women (like me) from ending up looking like mermaid sausages.

Mermaid Leggings by SolilorMermaid Leggings by Solilor

If your fella is totally obsessed with fishing this may just be a great way to get his attention off rod and reel and back on you. Yes, you could become his "Deadliest Catch" with these mermaid leggings. And you can do it without that fishy smell. Yes, you could really be a fish wife.

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