Merrell Shoes Leave Japanese Woodblock Footprints

Why leave ordinary footprints when you can leave art prints instead? That's what Merrell is offering with their new line of Japanese woodblock print soled shoes. Yes indeed, intricate traditional "ukiyo-e" woodblock prints reflecting the soul of Japanese culture are coming to the soles of your shoes.

The new series of casual shoes are designed in the popular loafer style with a short row of white laces. The unisex design comes in Salad Green or Orange top fabric colors with the addition of Coral Rose for women and Dark Royal for men. Inside, Merrell provides comfort via a premium air-cushioned insole.

It's underneath where Merrell's new shoes really shine, however.


 Three woodblock print style soles are available: one adapts the famed "Great Wave" ukiyo-e print by master artisan Hokusai, another called "Swami" opts for a tropical seashore scene and the third features an appealing "Surfing Penguin" theme that mixes traditional and modern motifs.

Merrell's new line of woodblock soled shoes is prices at 10,290 yen (about $120) per pair and will likely be sold at most major Japanese department stores and independent footwear retailers. (via Walker Plus and OhGizmo!)