Merry Sustainable Lingerie: Sexy Xmas Recycling

There are few things sadder to see than a discarded holiday tree, thrown to the cold curb with traces of tinsel still clinging to forlorn branches once so lush and redolent. Perhaps we would feel better about our holiday throwaways if they could  return to us in some usable form? For French architect/designer, Sophie Young, a line of lingerie  known as Do You Green makes this possible by processing evergreen trees into a functional fabric that then becomes bras, panties, camisoles and more.


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Turning pine trimmings into a soft fabric is no easy task, but it has been accomplished thanks to the vision of a brilliant architect /designer who was seeking another use for tree trimmings that couldn't be utilized in construction. In the words of Ms. Young: "After the wood is transformed with an enzyme bath, it feels like silk. It's soft  to the touch. You won't want to wear anything else after touching it. It's very smooth and thin."

More on Do You Green

Like many other companies, Paris-based, eco-friendly  Do You Green purchases the trees from recycling businesses, but it is what they do with them afterwards that makes the difference. We are in a French spirit, and so viva la difference! Former architect and eco-designer, Sophie Young, researched and developed this lingerie line ten years ago, motivated by a desire to aid planet Earth and to develop a fabric that could be used to create non-allergenic garments.


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Instead of shredding the christmas trees  into mulch, the lingerie manufacturer processes the bark and spiky needles with enzymes, which transform the material into a fabric similar in structure to an ultra soft cotton. This process utilizes significantly less water than that which is required to produce conventional cotton cloth. This is  reassuring considering that it takes some 700 gallons of water to make just one measly cotton tee-shirt! Non-toxic dyes are responsible for the lingerie's lush colors..

Specal features of these unusual undergarments

According to the Do You Green website, these unique unmentionables offer their own health incentives. This lingerie is more hygienic because the fabric has the capacity to absorb twice as much body moisture as conventional cotton underwear. It must be said that the beauty and sleekness of these designs rival any of their competitiors (even the one that has the word, secret, in its brand name).


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As far as the material goes, there are no harmful chemicals used in production and it is exclusively designed and made in France and finished in a village workshop in Tunisia under strict ecological and humanitarian standards.

The future of sustainable underwear

Saving the planet by wearing exquisite lingerie is hardly a difficult task. While you might find yourself saying, 'God Save The Queen' on some  occasions, it is more likely the future will bring a toast and clink of glass to 'God Save the Green.'  We should, however, concnetrate on saving them both.


Closing thoughts on lingerie:

If God wanted us naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie? ~ Shannen Doherty

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