Mesh Mash - Making Every Device A Router

We are living in an interconnected world, but the recent events in Libya and Egypt have demonstrated just how dependent we are on corporations and governments for this interconnectedness.

There is another way - at least according to entrepreneur, researcher, start up advisor, incubation expert, and startup visa activist, Shervin Pishevar. Phishevar's motto is, "From possibility to actuality. I will either find a way or make one." And he is determined to make online communication available for anyone who wants to use it, independent of oppressive intervention.

How? By making every device in a network a router. This way, even if a nation's internet is shut off, nothing can prevent the people in it from communicating with one another.

Sounds far-fetched? Not really. Most WiFi-enabled computers, iPhones, and Android mobile devices could fulfill this function with just a bit of a tweak. It's just a matter of implementing the tweak.

And that's what Phishevar's Open Mesh Project is all about. What he needs is implementers. Specifically, he's looking for high end wirelesss engineers that understand how to change firmware for wireless devices. If you happen to be one, and want to be involved in this project, email If you're not, and still think you have something to offer, fill out this form. Or if you simply want to help finance this project, email

Because you can rest assured, he will either find a way or make one. You simply have the option to be a part of it.

As you might imagine, Phishevar has a lot to say about the subject: