Mesmerizing Glassware: Float By Molo

It's not often that a glassware design stops me dead in my tracks. But I spotted float glassware on the molo design website several weeks ago and, after my fingers did the walking there, oh, another dozen times, I'm convinced I'm in love.

float has me mesmerized. float is practical as drinkware and elegant and dynamic as art. I could line up one of each float glass on a pale peach, high-polish marble table and fill each float with a different colored liquid -- pale liquids some days, bright colors other days, depending on my mood --and just gaze at the dimensions, the shadows, and the reflections of sunlight as it moved around the glass throughout the day. A perfect day of meditation.

The float glassware is designed by Todd Macallen and Stephanie Forsythe for molo design of Canada. It is all hand blown in Czechoslovakia, from a thermally resistant glass. The glass within a glass concept works so well, not only to create a unique style, dimensionality, and reflectivity, but to protect the user from extreme temperatures of its inner contents. Very cold or hot liquids or foods can be served in this glassware without compromising the glass or burning/freezing your hands. Ice cold drinks "sweat" below the inner glass, not on the outside glass. And everything that enters your drink -- ice cubes, milk, sugar, honey, lemon -- can be viewed through the glass and in its reflection beneath the glass.

The float tea lantern, one of the first pieces introduced by molo designs, is a very versatile decanter that can be used to pour any liquid, hot or cold. When desired, the lantern accommodates a small tea light with small air holes in the base, so the candle fire stays lit.

Look at the table reflection of the cream as it is poured into the tea.


Many foods and drinks can be served in each size of the float glassware. The float tea cup nicely fits a scoop of ice cream or crème brûlée. The cappuccino below is actually served in float red wine glasses.



Here's what the red wine looks like in those floats.


Here's a closeup of the float champagne flutes...


... and another of the float pilsner flutes...

... and here's an interesting illusion created by the float martini glasses.

Finally, the float matcha bowls are terrific for serving soup and stews, as well as Japanese noodle dishes. When not serving meals, you can use it for a fruit bowl, candy or nut dish.


The neatest thing about the float glassware is that it is available for purchase, although the floats are pricey, I warn you. Hmm. It's almost June. Maybe I'll plan to renew my marriage vows and have a wedding party and for the gift list, I'll just list float glassware, piece by piece, and...

The float glassware is no longer available from Unica Home. If you want more information about purchasing float, contact or go to MoloDesign here.

All images used by permission from molo design and are copyright molo design.

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