Mess Won't Last More Than An Inch With Pants In A Pinch!

Kids are messy. Kids are dirty. But now their clothes don’t have to be, thanks to Pants in a Pinch.

If you have ever taken a toddler on vacation, to the park, or heck even to the bathroom or kitchen, you know that accidents are drawn to their clothing like a moth to a flame. It can be cumbersome to carry around spare clothes wherever you go, and sometimes it just isn’t realistic. That’s where Pants in a Pinch comes in to save the day.

A Toddler Models Pants in a PinchA Toddler Models Pants in a Pinch

These 100% cotton pants are cute enough to show off in front of company, but are stored in a disc no larger than the palm of your hand. Think of how easy it is to stash a disc in your diaper bag, in the glove compartment, or even in dad’s pocket when you are on the go.

Now whenever there is a spill or mishap, you can bust out a fresh pair of baby bottoms that won’t take up a lot of space, but won’t compromise on comfort either. Available in sizes 3-6 months through 6T, they currently come in four colors and are available through their official website .

Small But Reputation SavingSmall But Reputation Saving

Now you can laugh in the face of tumbles, spills, and even explosive diarrhea – because with your Pants in a Pinch on hand, you are ready for anything your kid can dish!