Messes Take A Backseat To Fun On Summer Road Trips

Families cramming in those final vacation days before summer completely fades away, will love the Killy Keeper – an easy solution for common car messes.

Taking a road trip with kids can get messy, and that has never been truer during the summer months, when everything from water bottles to soggy swimsuits end up thrown in the backseat of the car, some items never to be seen again.

Thanks to Sigikid, an innovative European children’s supply company, you can purchase a Killy Keeper to keep car clutter to a bare minimum. The Killy Keeper Car Toy Tidy Bag truly has a place for everything, and you will be amazed at how easily you can fit in everything you need. It comes with a thermos for hot summer days, and also includes storage spots perfect for CDs, books, pens, toys, midday snacks, video games and anything else you can dream up. And with its vibrant neon green design, it has definite kid appeal.

Killy Keeper Keeps Messes To A MinimumKilly Keeper Keeps Messes To A Minimum

So if you’re looking for the ultimate child-friendly car organizer, visit and purchase it before that next family vacation where chaos is guaranteed to descend upon your back seat!

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