MET Electric Car Great Concept For Singles - Might Highlight Your Crippling Depression

The MET "single-person family" vehicle is intended to be both energy and space efficient and also reminds you hey - guess what - you're all alone!

According to Kyu-Hyun Lee and Sol Lee, designers of the MET, the numbers of "single-person families" or "single people" as they are more commonly known, are growing. As a result, the need for large sedans is declining. Match this up with the fact that consumers are now looking for smaller, more environmentally friendly vehicles and the MET might just have a niche to fall into.

The idea here is that the MET is a maximum two-person vehicles, much like the original SmartCar. Ordinarily, a person would drive in it all alone, but that extra seat is there for "date nights" or when you want to fool the carpool lane.

The genius of the design is in the rear wheel, which functions as the battery of the car. Instead of having to lug around extra weight that must be plugged in periodically, the rear wheel supplies a battery charge to the car and can be easily removed and swapped with a fully-charged version.

Pardon me: I'll need a new wheel.Pardon me: I'll need a new wheel. 

What's being envisioned for these cars are charging stations where users could swap wheels or home stations to charge them overnight. While city stations much like gas bars might be a good idea, getting fuel from them is one thing but getting a tire that someone else has used  (or abused) is something else - the home charging option might be a better choice.

In addition, the inside of the vehicle is not well shown, nor is the steering mechanism and we're a little concerned about the balance issues of the three wheels on a comparatively squat frame. Still, the "rear wheel is the battery" mantra that is the MET's tagline is a really good idea and we hope to see these cruising the streets in not too long a time.

They should consider teaming up with LavaLife or eHarmony for maximum single-person family advertising benefits.

Source: Yanko