Methodizaz: Stalkerazzi Services Turn Artistic

Sometimes the best photos of people are the ones where they're acting naturally instead of posing. Methodizaz is a photography company that bases its concept on this motto, and takes your photo when you're least expecting it.










This isn't a new concept - usually we call them paparazzi. And while paparazzi services have been made available to the public through companies like Celeb 4 A Day, Methodizaz's approach is meant to be artistic rather than invasive.

















With your permission and your help, Methodizaz will stalk you; using the detailed daily itinerary you have provided to follow your every move to get the best photos. While assigning the photographer a subject who you'd like to surprise with beautiful pictures of them sounds like a unique gift idea, one can only presume they can legally pursue willing participants; so maybe not, unless you're prepared to deal with a restraining order.

















Methodizaz is trying to stand out in the photography industry, but tell me; is this idea truly innovative or does it miss the mark?

The things we do in the names of art and business...