MetriGear Vector Measures Your Pedal Power

It's not too hard to track your performance on a bicycle. You can use a GPS unit or bicycle computer to track your speed, distance traveled and time out on the bike. However, what you don't get from these devices is a way of measuring the amount of force that you're putting on the pedals.


The MetriGear Vector provides just that data set. Designed to slide inside of the pedal spindle, the device uses 60 individual piezoresistive strain gauges, accelerometers and sensors. The device measures the amount of force that you put on the pedals during the upstrokes and downstrokes and provides a readout of how much power that each leg has put in on the bicycle. The Vector can also provide an estimate of calories burned. 

In addition to power, the Vector serves as a cadence sensor. It is an Ant + device and can therefore be integrated easily with Ant + bike computers.  It provides an overall accuracy of +/- 1.5% and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that mounts to the crank. 

MetriGear is currently working on the testing and plans to get the Vector out sometime later this year, likely as an Interbike (September) launch. The system will be built into select pedals. 

MetriGear via The GearCaster