The MeU Square: A Dazzling Wearable LED Display

 The MeU Square  (pronounced me to you) began its life as a project for a university thesis that was soon transformed into a stunning wearable tech LED display for consumers. The MeU Square serves as a useful tool to the cyclist for example, because it improves  the rider's ability to communicate with his or her surroundings by instantly enabling the display of any text, pattern or image. It is the latest in customization of wearable tech clothing and accessories, which is all made possible via the management of a smart phone application.


The MeU Square Skirt: Source: Roberttudesign.comThe MeU Square Skirt: Source:


The story of MeU and founder, Robert Tu

The works of Toronto-based designer/engineer Robert Tu represent a dazzling amalgam of graphic visual aesthetics and electronic media. After obtaining his Bachelor of Applied Science in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo, he worked as an engineer at IBM for five years. But his passion for design soon propelled him back to school at Ontario College of Design (OCAD University), where he earned a Bachelor of Design degree in 2013.


The MeU Square LED Display: Source: Twitter.comThe MeU Square LED Display: Source:


In the words of MeU's creator:

"We seek to improve communication  with our surroundings, including important alerts and updates that you may not get otherwise, like when the next bus is coming. The wearable tech display is a great combination of function and design. Its open-source technology sets no limits to the designer's creativity across many applications and is the perfect platform for the maker and developing communities."

How does the MeU Square work?

The key to the operation of the MeU Square, full color LED matrix display is wireless communication achieved via 256 LEDs, a microcontroller and a Bluetooth radio. The panel can be worn with any type of clothing as it is supple, thin and easily adheres to the body's contours. Once the smartphone app is downloaded, users can create their own content to send to the LED display by choosing from existing icons and various animations. The display's open source technology allows for endless possibilities and creations.


Meu Square Shirt: Source: Betakit.comMeu Square Shirt: Source:


Cycling, hiking and the MeU Square

The MeU team  is simultaneously working on several applications for diverse sectors of industry  including: cycling, hiking, fashion, marketing and urban informatics. Communicating with other road users can be as easy as sending a flashing pattern or signal to the panel on the cyclist's back via a customized display. The organizer of a large hiking party can customize alerts to all participants concerning any dangers that lay ahead. Blinking patterns are effective warning signals for construction sites.

These wearable tech LED displays  are very helpful in busy urban areas where public transit updates and weather alerts are important concerns for daily commuters and pedestrians. In addition, the MeU Square was featured in Toronto's first men's fashion week, popularizing it as a must-have product for the modern metropolitan consumer.

 The future of the MeU Square  

The MeU Square may well change the course of high tech communication. It will soon be available  for pre-order. For more informaion, go to or visit Indiegogo.

Closing thoughts on technology and communication:

The great myth of our times is that technology is communication. ~ Libby Larsen

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