Meystyle Design: This Wallpaper Is No Wallflower

Have you ever been blown away by a wallpaper design?  Well, get ready!

Next week all eyes will be focused on 100% Design, London, the largest design show of the year, and along with the Milan Furniture Fair, the most prestigious.  Visitors who stop by the Meystyle exhibition should prepare for an eye-popping experience.

The founders of Meystyle, Maria Yaschuk and Ekaterina Yaschuk, design wallpaper - custom wallpaper - using digital technology, printing their designs on all kinds of paper as well as textile based wallpaper.  The pair, who were the first to design wallpaper with LED lighting in 2004, take away the burden of finding suitable floor lamps.  But honestly, there is such artistic flair in the Meystyle wallpaper and such aristocratic design, you will wonder if you need the rest of your furniture in the room as well.

Meystyle wallpaper is layered with paper and textile designs; layers are often transparent adding tremendous depth to the artwork.  Small LEDs are embedded in the layers, and this year's launch at the London Design Show, will feature hand-finishing of the Meystyle designs in Swarovski crystals.


 Tempus wallpaper by MeystyleTempus wallpaper by Meystyle


Sun Pendulum wallpaper by MeyStyle DesignSun Pendulum wallpaper by MeyStyle Design


Mirrors reflect opposite rooms and decor, creating even more dimension to these breathtaking designs.


Maya Times wallpaper by MeystyleMaya Times wallpaper by Meystyle


 Maya wallpaper by MeystyleMaya wallpaper by Meystyle


Maya Storm wallpaper by MeystyleMaya Storm wallpaper by Meystyle


100% Design will be held from September 23 to 26 at Earls Court London. Meystyle designs will be featured at Stand J86.

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