Michael Jackson Figurine Will Be A Thriller

Michael Jackson left a world of fans in a world of hurt when he suddenly and tragically passed away last summer. Now he can be remembered at the peak of his popularity and, arguably, at the high point in his career with a new polyvinyl figurine due to be released this coming July.

The upcoming Figma figurine from Japan's Good Smile Company and Max Factory was modeled on MJ circa 1982, just after the groundbreaking album Thriller was released and when he was just 24 years old. It's a fitting tribute for the consummate entertainer.

The early eighties were a time when Jackson hit the heights of stardom but it wouldn't be long before drugs, illness, plastic surgery and the pressures of being a top celebrity took their toll on the former child star.

Clothed in an orange & black bodysuit and sporting a full head of still-curly hair, the Thriller-era Jackson is fully articulated and will come with a clear plastic mounting post to support him in an upright position for display. Best of all, Michael's face is radiant, glowing, smiling... just how we all would like to remember him.

Good Smile Company and Max Factory have priced the Michael Jackson "Thriller" Figma figurine at 2,800 yen or about $31. Check the Good Smile website regularly over the coming months for further news and sales info! (via Gigazine)

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