Micromax X352: Dumbphone And USB Battery Charger In One Device

Quite understandably, feature phones – now known affectionately by some as “dumbphones” – have largely taken a backseat to smartphones these days. There aren't too many innovations in this bracket anymore, but an Indian company known as Micromax has managed to do just that.



The Micromax X352 has a 2.8” screen, a physical keypad, a 0.3 megapixel camera, support for microSD memory cards, and dual SIM slots, among other things – nothing special even for dumbphones. But where the X352 diverges is its big 3000 mAh battery, and what can be done with it.



The battery can last the X352 itself some eleven hours of talk time. However, one can also plug in their dieing smartphone, tablet, or other USB device via a pass-through cable and charge them up. This gives a whole new meaning to “backup phone” – you can do both emergency calls and emergency battery resuscitations with the thing.



The Micromax X352 also costs the equivalent of $36 USD, making it fairly affordable. Unfortunately, it's unlikely we'll ever see it out of India. Too bad, really – you can get USB power banks with similar capacities for cheaper, but they don't have entire phones built in, do they? Micromax – or whoever might pick this idea up next – could serve a bit of a niche with these devices.