Micro-sized R2 Unit Provides a Cure for the Blues

While too small to actually repair an X-Wing starfighter, this little R2 droid is programmed to raise your spirits.

Using the wireless lightsaber-shaped remote control, you can make this little guy roll around the room, all the while beeping happily. It can turn or go in a circle and its head moves back-and-forth as it tools around. While rather ungainly on carpeting, primarily due to its diminutive size, it moves quite well on a wooden floor or a desktop.

There are two different models-one the little droid that we all know and love. The other is a "R4" unit, which is red and white. You may remember him as the droid that blew its gasket shortly after Luke purchased him from the Jawas...

I have the R4 model. It freaks my cat clear out...

The R/C Star Wars R2-D2 Action Figure is available at ThinkGeek.com.

John Barker
Guest Blogger

John Barker, our Guest Blogger, has eighteen years in the film and video industry, where he is owed more money than he ever made. He's a chef, a Star Wars geek, and an overall nice guy.
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