Microsoft Abandons Controversial Xbox One Restrictions

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Microsoft has had to deal with a lot of feedback since its E3 conference just a week ago, where it showed off its upcoming Xbox One console and announced more details on the way its online services would work. For the most part, that feedback has been negative, a fact that Sony has been keen on making fun of. At the heart of the issue were some restrictions that the company announced for the console, things that gamers of current generation of games are not used to dealing with.

One of those restrictions includes the fact that the Xbox One would have to constantly connect to the Internet in order to validate your games, meaning that you would be unable to play games, even offline ones, if your console could not connect inside of 24 hours. Also, Microsoft was planning to basically kill the used game market by adding more restrictions on how purchased games could be handled. Basically, once a game is installed on a console, it would be locked to it.

But now Microsoft posted a news update saying that all of the negative feedback has been heard, and they are changing their plans completely. Now, the Xbox One will work very similarly to the current Xbox 360 with regards to games. Your console will not have to connect to the Internet, instead allowing you to play offline as long as the disk is inside the console. Also, used games will now be permitted, along with gifts, lending, trading, and everything else gamers can do with current console games. This type of complete turn around is very rare for a company like Microsoft, but it proves that sometimes even the greatest innovators have to realize when their ideas are not what the customers want.