Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 Along With Xbox Live For Mobile

Microsoft has been getting kicked in the face over the iPhone since the device's burst onto the mobile scene.  Suddenly, Windows Mobile devices are seemingly unattractive.  Fortunately, they've found a niche that will bring them back into relevancy, and has the potential to bury the iPhone as the premier device for mobile gaming.  Windows 7 Phone is set to become the new standard of putting videos games on mobile phones.

Windows 7 Phone is a mobile operating system that will support essentially every chipset from every smartphone that's to come in the near future.  The idea is that Microsoft develops a platform that will not require a lot of heavy revisions in the forseeable future, a mistake they made with many previous versions of Windows Mobile.  With this, they can leverage the advantage they already have in the console video game market.

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By integrating Xbox Live into Windows Phone 7, Microsoft will allow themselves the opportunity to create countless forms of video game integration into handsets that carry the operating system.  Games could be made specifically for the Windows Phone 7 platform, or have mobilized versions of popular console games that are offered on the Xbox 360.  By doing that, Microsoft cuts the legs off Apple, who has merely provided a mobile device with a graphical interface that is capable of handling some of the best mobile gaming graphics ever seen.

If the future of gaming lies within mobile, Microsoft has taken a great step into getting a huge market share.  Apple's AppStore was a proving ground for several years for the mobile gaming industry, and they haven't done much to improve on the formula.  If Microsoft successfully offers developers a platform that integrates with consoles, they will certainly have the upper hand.

Are you a gamer?  What's your prediction?  Let us know what you think about the future of mobile gaming in the comments.

Feb 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Windows Phone 7 Series will fail

Actually, Windows Mobile didn't "suddenly become unattractive". It has been unattractive for some time, hence its rapidly declining market share.

I think Microsoft's new platform will fail. Still almost a year from being in the stores, its simply too late to gain any traction, or attract people away from the established platforms of Android (from Google) and iPhone (from Apple).

Feb 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Xbox Live could be the Ace up the Sleeve

Many people are overlooking the Xbox Live side of things that could generate success for Windows Phone 7 at the consumer level. They have a potential to attract a high volume of interest for these phones just from this alone, let's not forget that Microsoft has over 20 Million subscribers to Xbox Live and an existing Marketplace for gaming.

Feb 18, 2010
by Anonymous

I suppose someone said the

I suppose someone said the same thing about Android when it was first announced. Don't forget Android has only be around for about a year and a half and they had to start from scratch with zero mobile market share. If Microsoft has learned their lesson like they did with their desktop operating system then the Holiday season could be very interesting. Then again you could be right and this could be a bigger epic fail than Microsoft BOB. :)

Feb 18, 2010
by Anonymous

XBOX Live TV and Movies

Would this mean all their Xbox Live movie and TV content would come available for these devices, if so that would be a great leap over Apple, since you are limited to their overpriced i-tunes selections.