Microsoft Reveals Big Themes For 2013

As part of the company's TechForum event in Seattle this week, Microsoft has released a video which showcases the technologies and innovations that they feel will shape the world of technology in the coming year. This is what they refer to as Intelligent Technology, or the proliferation of devices and services that allow our computing power to act in a more intelligent manner so that it can respond to our needs better.

The first innovation is the arrival of big data, which brings businesses so much more information than ever before, and allows them to provide better services to their customers because they will be able to understand what they need more easily. The second is the concept that machines now learn and are becoming able to provide useful scenarios for the future based on all of this data.

Finally the last innovation that Microsoft sees as shaping 2013 is the user interface becoming more human, or more adapted to how humans interact, thanks to touch screens and gestures through technologies like Kinect. These are the concepts which will influence the types of products Microsoft develops and puts out in the marketplace.