Mighty Beanz: No Good With Molasses But Great With Friends

A great many parents are looking for toys for their young'ins that not only limit the violence factor but increase the fun - and Mighty Beanz may just be the jiggling, nearly indestructible answer.

While many toys and games these days rely either on tiny, moving mechanical/electronic parts (prone to breaking with any real kid-type use) or around concepts of shooting, fighting, or killing, many parents are seeking options that are both a) fun and b) durable. Now, Mighty Beanz may have the answer by combining the addictive nature of collectibles with the fun of old-school Micro Machines and marbles.

It works like this: each bean is a small plastic capsule with a ball bearing inside that lets it wibble and wobble whenever it is moved or dropped. The Beanz are painted with a variety of images, most commonly cartoon characters or super-heroes in bright and bold colors. They come in packs of various sizes and a part of their appeal is to collect as many different types as possible. The other part lies in playing games with the Mighty Beanz and every set comes with an instruction book listing a broad range of different play options - from flicking and spinning to racing and flicking.

Reviews on Amazon say that the Beanz are quite robust and will stand up to a beating from even regular and repeated use, but that the artwork on the Beanz will quickly fade and scuff if used often. This leads to a conundrum for parents and more moeny for the Beanz makers as many families end up with two sets - one for playing and one for collecting.

At just over $10 for a pack of Beanz, the world of bean competition and collection is easy to get into and hard to break out of. The only real downside to the Beanz is the possibility of accidental ingestion, but so long as better baked, fried or molasses-laden beans are served at the dinner table, these should stay in the playroom and schoolyard where they belong.

Sure, the Mighty Beanz concept isn't new but even for those that have "bean there, done that" the Beanz can still be a good time.

Source: Amazon 

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