Mighty Wallet™ - Put Your Money Where Your Art Is

Terrence Kelleman's Mighty Wallet™ puts your money where your art isTerrence Kelleman's Mighty Wallet™ puts your money where your art is
Tough economic times are hitting consumers where it hurts - in their wallets. MOMAstore Japan and artist Terrence Kelleman have the cure for your fiscal pain: the Art Lover Wallet.

The "Art Lover Wallet" is one of a new series of eye-catching Mighty Wallets from acclaimed avant garde artist Kelleman's Dynomighty Design. The expandable wallets are crafted from super-strong yet comfortably light Tyvek® plastic - the same stuff that's used to make those fiendishly unrippable Express Mail envelops but in a thicker grade. Maybe the Fed should consider making actual greenbacks from Tyvek®, considering the fact that paper banknotes have short lives in circulation and are constantly needing to be replaced.

The Mighty Wallet™ comes in a range of designs that include Air Mail, Graffiti, Dinero, Dot Matrix Pi, Shredder Paper, Newsprint, 3 Ring Binder, Peace and Elysium themes. Kelleman has even reproduced his old embossed leather wallet originally given to him by his grandfather and called it "My Old Wallet". Each one costs between $15 and $30, and can be recycled as a Grade 2 plastic when they eventually wear out.

The Mighty Wallet™ is a practical design, opening to reveal a pair of matched interior pockets for cash, receipts and tickets. Two card pockets keep your credit & debit cards secured while a couple of business card pockets store those essentials within easy reach.

You can get your very own "Art Lover Wallet" or any other Mighty Wallet™ from the MOMAstore in Japan or direct from the Dynomighty Design website. It's a great idea for those who don't just want to invest money in art, but who want to SAVE money in it. (Update:  In  the U.S., you cannow find the Mighty Wallets on Amazon here.)
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Oct 5, 2008
by Anonymous

I like

the first one best but that price is probably to expensive. That person should probably also do wallet covers.