Migraine Magic Plus Massages Away Eye Tension


Like many other people, I suffer from migraines.  I think that for people who don’t get them it is hard to understand how much migraines can impact your life.  They aren’t like any old headache; they can be quite debilitating and if you get them frequently it can be hard to plan anything ahead of time.  Not knowing when the next migraine will strike and whether or not you will be able to get rid of it can be very frustrating.  As someone who has gone through periods of frequent attacks, I am always interested in products that say that they offer migraine relief, especially if they are medication-free.

The Migraine Magic Plus is one such device.  This mask is made to help soothe away the tension associated with migraines, headaches, sinus pressure, eye strain, blurred or double vision and dry eyes.  The device fits over the eyes and massages the surrounding tissue.  Poly magnetic feelers are said to stimulate the area to help the sufferer feel rejuvenated.  The makers also say that the increased blood flow to the area helps to relax the user and leave the eye area looking invigorated.

The dark lenses on the device filter out the light that many migraine sufferers are so sensitive to and users can choose between nine different massaging modes and two different intensities.  I have no idea if this would work, but I know that when I am in the grips of a particularly nasty migraine I am willing to try practically anything to get rid of it.  This product may be worth a shot.  You can get the Migraine Magic Plus here.  

EDITOR'S NOTE; A super cheap mask can also help with migranes. This sleep mask is less than $10 and gets great reviews on Amazon.

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