Miju Makes Morbid Necklaces With Gothic, And Apparently Nostalgic Appeal

Miju's morbid necklaces might even go too far for those who like the gothic looks, but if you're into dead things (and I don't just mean leather or fur) then this is one fashion accessory that you might find appealing.

Dead Bird NecklaceDead Bird Necklace

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you; this really is a dead, bleeding crow necklace. But, allegedly this Canadian jewelry designer didn't have morbidity in mind since it's an image from a classic children's bedtime story (presumably one I never read, nor sold during my days in children's retail).  So, if you'd like a little nostalgic accessory that allows you to reminisce about bleeding birds of flight, then now you know where to look!

Via: CoolHunting