The Mikado Lamp Spreads Its Wings

Created by Miguel Herranz, the Mikado lamp is named after the Spanish game of pick-up sticks. Can you see their spiny resemblance?

Flying MikadoFlying Mikado

Its dynamic torsion and feathery-light feeling are created by two reconstructed, stamped wooden veneer sheets twisted into a double-8 formation, with lengths of wood splaying outward which impart a leafy, organic quality. These frond-like features also give the shade depth of volume and three-dimensional richness that shifts with the viewer's angle.

The translucent veneer allows the grain of the wood to be seen, illuminated by the central, frosted low-energy bulb. Reinforced with a polyester finish, the flexibility of the wooden strips is apparent in the buoyant movement and overall lightness of the piece.

Mini MikadoMini Mikado

These airy lamps are available in three different styles - a floor and suspended version, as well as an award-winning mini table lamp. They also come in several different finishes: cherry, yellow, green and grey among them. Starting price for the Mikado is around $950.

Sources: yatzer and modlivin

Sarah O
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