Mike Butter Chicken Curry Popcorn: Not The Indian Corn You Were Looking For

Japan's Mike brand bagged popcorn is pretty much the crunchy snack food equivalent of Kit Kat chocolate bars in that every week or two, there's a new flavor to try. Mike's been doing this for a while, and they've finally got around to tackling that sublime Indian entree, Butter Chicken.

Frito-Lay Japan, who own both the Mike and the Doritos brands, decided Mike should get the nod for the new butter chicken flavor because, well, Butter Chicken Doritos is just weird... on first thought, at least.

Perhaps the reasoning was that since hot butter is the most common flavoring for popcorn, then hot butter chicken (in the form of Butter Chicken Curry) is the next logical step. Forgive us, we're applying logic to the “science” of Japanese snack flavorings, our bad.

In any case, your chance to try Indian Corn of a wholly unexpected variety comes on June 23rd, 2014, when Frito-Lay Japan releases Mike Butter Chicken Curry popcorn upon a nation still shell-shocked from previous disasters, some of which are snack-related. Adventurous snackers are advised to stock up on the 50 gram (1.76 oz) bags as they're only being sold through the end of September.