Mike Nori & Wasabi Popcorn Makes A Great Movie Munchable... Especially If The Movie's Godzilla

Snackin' on sushi: not just for one-percenters anymore! Frito-Lay Japan's new Mike brand Nori & Wasabi popcorn heats up the traditional movie-time munchable just in time for Godzilla 2014 but it'll only be available for a limited time, so get it while it's hot!

Mike is one of the Big Three snack brands sharing space beneath the Frito-Lay Japan umbrella and, along with Cheetos and Doritos, is subject to a revolving door of limited edition flavors – some mild, most wild.

Nori & Wasabi is the latest Mike popcorn flavor to hit store shelves, debuting nation-wide on May 19th and running until September 8th, 2014.

The 50gm (1.75oz) bags display a hunk of fresh-cut and grated wasabi root, which is where real wasabi comes from. What, you thought it only came in squeezable tubes?

The popcorn itself is flecked with minuscule flakes of nori – shredded and rack-dried seaweed known in most English-speaking countries as “laver”, though the popularity of Japanese restaurants over the past few decades has made “nori” much more familiar to foreigners.

The nori imparts a delicate, mild seaside (sound better than “iodine”) scent and taste to the popcorn, and complements the zing of the wasabi flavoring quite naturally and nicely. The combination might not seem to be the ideal seasoning for popcorn but give it a shot – especially if you're sitting down to watch the most recent reboot of Godzilla due its North American release on May 16th.