13 Perfect Gifts For 13 Types Of Mother-In-Laws

Face it.  Most of us grow up in semi-neurotic homes where things may seem to be perfect from the outside, but inside the cage there's a lot of feather ruffling.  Once we're grown, we get married and bring our neuroses along with those of our parents to our new spouses - whose neuroses, thankfully, seem much worse than our own.  The worst neurotics in our families are then, by fable or truth, our mother-in-laws (MILs).  I've identified 13 types of MILs and found 13 absolutely perfect gifts for them - if you dare!

If you don't dare give these gifts to your MIL, at least you can amuse yourselves by thinking about giving them while you look at 10 Best Low Budget Gift Ideas For Those With Back Pain or 5 Best Vacuums For Pet Owners or 4 Anti-Aging Devices That Really Work for more thoughtful MIL  ideas.


1. The Menopausal Mother-In-Law

Menopause is a rough time and it can put a rough edge on the nicest mother-in-law.  But sometimes, that rough edge is just an excuse for being extremely mean, instead of just being mean.  Either way, your MIL really should be reminded that she's not the most pleasant person to have around. The 7 Stages of Menopause Wall Sign can be used as a helpful reference for whatever mood she is currently in and handy when trying to figure out how best to deal with her.

Menopause 7 Stages SignMenopause 7 Stages Sign

2.  The Hypochondriac Mother-In-Law

Yes, you know.  A headache means she has brain cancer and a cut on her finger means she's a hemophiliac.  No, not a hemophiliac; a hypochondriac. What's the perfect gift?  The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You: A Guide to Self-Diagnosis for Hypochondriacs by Knock Knock Books. At least she will complain more knowledgeably.


The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You by Knock KnockThe Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You by Knock Knock


3. The Nagging Mother-In-Law

One of the most common problems with mother-in-laws are that they often nag, or at least seem like they're nagging when they keep repeating, 'You should do this. You should do that.'  This solution is not exactly a gift for you MIL, but one for you!  It's the (Laugh Out Loud) LOL Rollover Dog.  (Also available in LOL Rollover Monkey and LOL Rollover Pig.)  When she starts nagging, get your dog to rollover laughing! 


LOL Rollover DogLOL Rollover Dog     

4. The Yappy Mother-In-Law

Yack, yack, yack.  She talks and talks and pays no attention to the fact that you are leaving the room; she follows you to the bathroom if she's in the middle of a saga about her neighbor's sister's boyfriend... which she never stopped to think might just not interest you.  You want to scream at the top of your lungs, "Shut up, will you!" but your spouse will killlll you.  So, how about this book?  Listening: The Forgotten Skill, A Self-Teaching Guide.  Too much of a hint?  Or not enough?


Listening: The Forgotten Skill: by Madelyn Burley-AllenListening: The Forgotten Skill: by Madelyn Burley-Allen



5. The Alcoholic Mother-In-Law

She'll drink whatever you happen to serve and she'll drink all of it and then look for more.  You could recommend Alcoholics Anonymous or you could just encourage her to bring her own in this WineRack Bra.


Winerack BraWinerack Bra

Mar 19, 2012
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