Perfect Gifts For Imperfect Mother-In-Laws

 Face it.  Most of us grow up in semi-neurotic homes where things may seem to be perfect from the outside, but inside the cage there's a lot of weirdness.  Once we're grown, we get married and bring our neuroses along with those of our parents to our new spouses - whose neuroses often seem much worse than our own.  The worst neurotics in our families are usually, by fable or truth, our mother-in-laws (MILs).  I've identified 10 types of MILs and found 10 absolutely perfect gifts for them - if you dare to actually give them of if not having a sense of humor is not one of your MIL's shortcomings!

If funny and silly gift ideas for your mother-in-law is not quite what you are looking for,  we've also collected up some great gift ideas for mother in laws that are thoughtful gift ideas your mother-in-law should love. So if you are looking for funny gift ideas, read on  or if you need a seriously great gift ideas, skip towards the bottom  of this article. For Mother's Day, for a birthday or any other holiday, these make great gifts.


Funny Gift Ideas For Mother-In-Laws


1. The Menopausal Mother-In-Law

Menopause is a rough time and it can put a rough edge on the nicest mother-in-law.  But sometimes, that rough edge is just an excuse for being extremely mean, instead of just being mean.  Either way, your MIL really should be reminded that she's not the most pleasant person to have around. The 7 Stages of Menopause Wall Sign can be used as a helpful reference for whatever mood she is currently in and handy when trying to figure out how best to deal with her.

Menopause 7 Stages SignMenopause 7 Stages Sign

2.  The Hypochondriac Mother-In-Law

Yes, you know.  A headache means she has brain cancer and a cut on her finger means she's a hemophiliac.  No, not a hemophiliac; a hypochondriac. What's the perfect gift?  The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You: A Guide to Self-Diagnosis for Hypochondriacs by Knock Knock Books. At least she will complain more knowledgeably.


The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You by Knock KnockThe Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You by Knock Knock


3. The Nagging Mother-In-Law

One of the most common problems with mother-in-laws are that they often nag, or at least seem like they're nagging when they keep repeating, 'You should do this. You should do that.'  This solution is not exactly a gift for you MIL, but one for you!  It's the (Laugh Out Loud) LOL Rollover Dog.  (Also available in LOL Rollover Monkey and LOL Rollover Pig.)  When she starts nagging, get your dog to rollover laughing! 


LOL Rollover DogLOL Rollover Dog     

4. The Yappy Mother-In-Law

Yack, yack, yack.  She talks and talks and pays no attention to the fact that you are leaving the room; she follows you to the bathroom if she's in the middle of a saga about her neighbor's sister's boyfriend... which she never stopped to think might just not interest you.  You want to scream at the top of your lungs, "Shut up, will you!" but your spouse will killlll you.  So, how about this book?  Listening: The Forgotten Skill, A Self-Teaching Guide.  Too much of a hint?  Or not enough?


Listening: The Forgotten Skill: by Madelyn Burley-AllenListening: The Forgotten Skill: by Madelyn Burley-Allen



5. The Alcoholic Mother-In-Law

She'll drink whatever you happen to serve and she'll drink all of it and then look for more.  You could recommend Alcoholics Anonymous or you could just encourage her to bring her own in this WineRack Bra.


Winerack BraWinerack Bra


6.  The Ultra Religious Mother-In-Law

Always preaching to you, you will surely go to Hell if you don't listen to this MIL. She's praying for your soul, but you'll never get to Heaven, especially if you give her these Jesus Bandages with a free toy inside.


Jesus Adhesive BandagesJesus Adhesive Bandages



7. The Tacky Mother-In-Law

All those awful gifts she brings you... the figurines that she expects to see displayed when she comes to your home.  Why not buy her a figurine that's hard to beat when it comes to 'tacky.'  Let me introduce you to the Mooning Garden Gnome.


Mooning Garden GnomeMooning Garden Gnome

8. The Find A Husband-Obsessed Mother-In-Law

This MIL really needs a man.  When you go out with her, she's always trying to impress the nearest middle aged man - even if he's with his wife!  She's persistent about asking you to find her a nice date and you just don't want to be in the position of fixing up your MIL!   Why not help her indirectly?  There's a book for everything, you know.  And How To Marry Money will give her real tips on how to meet men, and rich ones at that. 


How To Marry Money by Kevin DoyleHow To Marry Money by Kevin Doyle


9. The 'You're Not Good Enough For My Daughter' Thinking Mother-In-Law

Oh, yeah?  Well, if you think I'm not good enough, you need to see this movie!  Son-In-Law.  (This is actually pretty funny!)


Son-In-Law (1993) DVDSon-In-Law (1993) DVD



10. The Know It All Mother-In-Law

Whether she does or doesn't genuinely know a lot, know it all MILs are as annoying as as a mosquito bite on your bum.   The Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong is sure to challenge her; at least it will keep her busy for awhile.


The Book of General IgnoranceThe Book of General Ignorance


If you don't dare give these funny gifts to your MIL as veiled insults, at least you can amuse yourselves by fantasizing about giving them while you actually get one of these genuinely thoughtful gift ideas for mother-in-laws.

Recommended Best Gifts For Mother In Laws

1. For Mother In Laws Who Suffer From Back Pain - Hollywog WiTouch

Hollywog WiTouch is the first remote controlled wireless pain relief device to dramatically reduce back pain. (Consider this TENS Massager for treating general aches ans pains).  The Hollywog uses TENS technology and provides a FDA approved drug free alternative to reduce pain and discomfort.  The Witouch is small, lightweight, thin and flexible. It is so discreet your MIL can even wear the WiTouch under her clothes.  The Hollywog gets excellent reviews and many people have seen a significant improvements in reducing the pain in their lives from using one.

2. For Mother In Law Who Hate Wasting Electricity:  Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switches

These Etekcity ZAP Auto-Programmable Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switches are simple plug and use light switch devices and they are terrific. It can make any plug into one where you can turn things on and off with a simple click of a remote rather than having to get up when your Mother In Law is feeling a bit lazy or creaky.  It comes with several remote buttons so that your MIL can control almost all the devices she needs from the bed or sofa.  They are also great in helping save money as things can be turned off and on. It is super simple to use and can be programmed with just a click of the remote.  

3. For Mother In Laws Who Loves Reading Books:  The Book Pillow


If your mother in law suffers at all from arthritis, the Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest will be a great gift idea. It is a pyramid shaped book pillow holds books open or hold any electronic reader at the perfect angle comfortably so that your MIL does not need to prop it up herself.  It sounds simple but for folks who have any problems with their hands, this pillow will really help them. She can use it anywhere including for reading in bed.(For more ideas for moms with arthritis or hand pain, take a look at these terrific gift ideas for folks with hand pain.)


4. For Mother In Laws Who Need More Security:  Pretty Metallic Heart Alarm Key Ring

This heart key ring is so pretty , you mother in law may be fooled into thinking it is just something fun to wear. Your MIL can use it to hold her keys or wear it on her purse or just use it as she would any other pretty accessory.  It comes in  both pretty a silver metallic and a red metallic heart.Not only does it look pretty but it can keep you MIL safer.  It holds a 100 decibel alarm that activates when the pin is pulled out of the heart. It's not one of the best personal alarm systems around,  but if you MIL could use a discreet alarm that will be easy to use, it's hard to beat.

5. For Mother In Laws Who Love Massages: Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow  With Heat

Zyllion Shiastu Massage PillowZyllion Shiastu Massage Pillow

If you mother in law's back gets all achy or just enjoys getting a massage, the Zyllion Shiatsu Massager is light and portable and can be used almost anywhere. It can be positioned exactly where your mother in law needs massage relief.  There are four separate nodes that provide a deep rotating motion that  that switches direction every 3 minutes or so and it also heats up nicely. It's not packed with a lot of features that premium back massagers offer but what it does have for the price is great targeted relief almost instantly for tight muscles and cramping backs.  It is really light and simple to use. You can also think about the more cushioned HoMedics Shiatsu Plus Pillow if your MIL is particularly sensitive.

6. For Mother In Laws That Like To Clean: Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum


The Black + Decker MAX Lithium Vacuum has a high performance motor with cyclonic action to provide really strong suction. It has a cool pivoting head feature which makes it really easy to clean different surfaces easily. It has a handy pivot tool and brush set which is really great for grabbing pet hair from  furniture and other upholstery. With its lithium battery, you will have enough of a charge to actually clean without worrying about losing suction before you are done cleaning. Of all the handheld Black + Decker small vacuums, I think this one offers the strongest suction in the smallest package. 

7.  For Mother In Laws That Live Alone: Cuff Smart Jewelry That Helps Her Stay Connected


Cuff has a recent line of smart jewelry to help women stay connected with their families and loved ones. If your mother in law gets hurt or is in trouble, she can notify folks in her network and get help.  Unlike those personal alarm systems that are bulky, ugly and embarrassing, the Cuff Jewelry line is extremely discreet and pretty enough to wear everyday and everywhere.There are variety of pieces and many are interchangeable and they are surprisingly affordable. If you are interested in what wearable technology has to offer in terms of keeping your Mother In Law connected with you or your spouse, check out our article on jewelry that can save your life, visit Cuff, or read reviews and buy your Cuff Jewelry here.

Hopefully, these will give you some great ideas for the perfect gift for your imperfect Mother In Law. Perfect for Mother's Day, for birthdays or any other time you need a thoughtful gift for an older woman.  

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