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13 Perfect Gifts For 13 Types Of Mother-In-Laws


6.  The Ultra Religious Mother-In-Law

Always preaching to you, you will surely go to Hell if you don't listen to this MIL. She's praying for your soul, but you'll never get to Heaven, especially if you give her these Jesus Bandages with a free toy inside.


Jesus Adhesive BandagesJesus Adhesive Bandages


7. The Ultra Religious, Alcoholic Mother-In-Law

Let's tuck a flask in her Good Book, so she can hide her sin wherever she goes.  And don't forget to include a note warning her to drink responsibly.


The Good BookThe Good Book


8. The Tacky Mother-In-Law

All those awwful gifts she brings you... the figurines that she expects to see displayed when she comes to your home.  Why not buy her a figurine that's hard to beat when it comes to 'tacky.'  Let me introduce you to the Mooning Garden Gnome.


Mooning Garden GnomeMooning Garden Gnome

Mar 19, 2012
by Anonymous

Nothing helped but thnx

Nothing helped but thnx anyway