13 Perfect Gifts For 13 Types Of Mother-In-Laws


9. The Snobby Mother-In-Law

She's above the fray, and certainly above you and your budget.  She buys everything from Neiman Marcus or some European boutique.  It's time to play her game.  Package your gift in a shopping bag or, better yet, a gift box, tissue, and ribbon from a high-end store (pay for it, if you have to). On the other hand, maybe you should just give her the box - empty.


High-End Shopping BagsHigh-End Shopping Bags


10. The Husband-Obsessed Mother-In-Law

This MIL really needs a man.  When you go out with her, she's always trying to impress the nearest middle aged man - even if he's with his wife!  She's persistent about asking you to find her a nice date and you just don't want to be in the position of fixing up your MIL!   Why not help her indirectly?  There's a book for everything, you know.  And How To Marry Money will give her real tips on how to meet men, and rich ones at that. 


How To Marry Money by Kevin DoyleHow To Marry Money by Kevin Doyle


11. The 'You're Not Good Enough For My Daughter' Mother-In-Law

Oh, yeah?  Well, if you think I'm not good enough, you need to see this movie!  Son-In-Law.  (This is actually pretty funny!)


Son-In-Law (1993) DVDSon-In-Law (1993) DVD


12. The Cheap Mother-In-Law

She's always crying poor, but she's really just cheap.  She sponges off you, never picks up the check, and asks you to do her shopping - always conveniently forgetting to pay you back. The Economic Stimulus Checks are designed to stimulate spending.  Give your cheap MIL her own Stimulus Check to stimulate her spending. These checks come in a package of 25, so you can make this gift to your MIL for several occasions. (This item is no longer available, but this rubber check is.)


Economic Stimulus ChecksEconomic Stimulus Checks


13. The Know It All Mother-In-Law

Whether she does or doesn't genuinely know a lot, know it all MILs are as annoying as as a mosquito bite on your bum.   The Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong is sure to challenge her; at least it will keep her busy for awhile.


The Book of General IgnoranceThe Book of General Ignorance



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Nothing helped but thnx

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