10 Brilliant Breakthrough Designs From Milan Design Week '09

Milan Design Week 09 starts Wednesday, and from what I've seen of the preview coverage, designers are not napping during the global recession.  The Milan international design show is likely to be the one that blows away the others; there are so many brilliant breakthroughs in concepts, materials, and forms that will be making their debut.  These 10 simply spectacular designs will make you want to hop a plane to Milan right now!  See the paths being formed by some of  the world's leading designers.


1. The Revolving Chandelier, Betijan Pot, The Netherlands

Decrying the demise of the halogen bulb, Betijan Pot designed this triple-bulbed chandelier that spins four light shades on the power of air, heated by three halogen bulbs.  The effects are mesmerizing, as you'll see in the short video.







2. "Smash" by Nendo,  Designed For Tokyo Fiber '09 Senseware

The '09 Senseware exhibit by Tokyo Fiber is a  peak at what happens when the newest technologies meet the newest materials in the land of possibilities. Senseware will stimulate many senses, but as Tokyo Fiber says, it hopes the 'viewer will sense a very real excitement for the future." 



The design house Nendo created Smash like the traditional Japanese chochin paper lanterns. But Smash pieces are made from a long-fiber non-women polyester that can be shaped through hot pressing.  In fact it can be blown and shaped like glass, and used to make a multitude of forms.





3.  "Tuyomyo" Bench by Frank Gehry for Emeco, U.S.

Not the first  chair Frank Gehry created with Emeco, "the aluminum chair maker," Tuyomyo (yours and mine),  Isn't this a magnificent sculptural work? Made from 80 percent recycled aluminum with aircraft manufacturing technology, Mr. Gehry's simple request to Emeco was, 'the form has to be free and light.it must be structural and at the same time poetic.and a little dangerous.'

The 10 foot bench weighs about 122 pounds.  Mr. Gehry and Emeco will auction the bench at the end of the year and donate the proceeds to the Hereditary Disease Foundation in honor of Gehry's daughter Leslie Gehry Brenner.





4.  "O-Re-Gami" By Matali Crasset & "Vimono" By Setsu & Shinobu Ito for Regenesi, Milan

The O-Re-Gami series is an elegant collection of folded baskets made of recycled leather, well-crafted and very delicate looking. 




Also made of regenerated leather, the Vimono is "the first kimono for a bottle of wine." Designed very stylishly by Setsu & Shinobu Ito, the Vimono behaves as a wine cooler, not just a pretty dress that easy to wrap and unwrap.  These designs are now for sale at Regenesi.