Milan Design Week: Spotlight on Vahakn Matossian

Twenty-two year-old Vahakn Matossian is exhibiting with designersblock during Milan Design Week taking place this month. He is showing three of his latest works: Microscopy, Boomboy and Crucifix.

brother boombrother boom


Bringing the boom and bip, Boomboy looks like potential trouble, at least in terms of noise violations. This little fellow has a reputation that precedes him: With "a loud voice and a naughty temperament", this old chap is hand-carved from solid walnut with a bass duct running through his body. At least he can take the heat when the neighbors call the cops.

I spyI spy

The piece that sparked my interest in this young designer, however, was Matossian's Microscopy Table. Play with objects placed on the glowing spot located on the corner of the table and see them magnified forty times in the central viewing circle. Instead of fighting for domination over the microscope (remember those lab days?), everyone can partake in the joys of magnification.

Oh Holy LightOh Holy Light

Crucifix is a power strip formed in the shape of none other than a cross, complete with gilded frame.


Though not showcased at the exhibit this year, another piece of his I found particularly nifty was the Electrici-tree. Cast from real tree branches, this extension cord hides magnets behind each socket to stick it to accompanying metal plates or other metal surfaces. From there you can string the cords off the floor and out of the way. The Electrici-tree is also a "gentle reminder of the nature around us" and encourages us to consider our over-use of electrical power.

This youngun is currently getting his MA at the Royal College of Art in design products, so I'm sure there's more "interestingness" to come.

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